Saturday, 17 September 2016

Factors to Consider when Looking for Document Management System

Document management systems can be very beneficial to your business or organization. Whether you opt for cloud-based or on-premise systems, there are so many benefits you can get. However, this is largely determined by a number of factors including the functions offered by the system you opt for. It is therefore important to consider different functionalities and features especially for those operating small businesses. Here are some of the important functionalities and features you should consider when choosing a DMS: -

File and Document Retrieval

A system offering multiple document or file search options is better as it could help you find your files quickly. It is good to consider a system that allows you to search for your documents or files not only by their names but also keywords or content contained therein.

File Structure

The file structure of the document management system of choice should be easy to use and not requiring unnecessary training for your staff or employees to learn. Consider something like a cabinet-drawer-folder structure. This makes your file storage systematic and reliable.

Ease of use

A complex system might prove less-effective and create unnecessary problems for your employees. A good document management software or system should be easy for your staff to use and do what they are supposed to do within a short time. Look for a system offering unique features but these must not be complex and too hard to decode.


One of the greatest benefits of a paperless document management system is that it makes files easy to access. However, the access could be limited by a number of factors. To avoid this, look for a system that allows you to access your documents through mobile devices such as tablets and phones. This will be necessary when you need to edit or share information while away from your physical office.


The system of choice should have clear layers of security to help keep your information and documents safe. It is important to have features that clearly set different levels of access for different employees while restricting access to specific files and folders from others. Additionally, look for one that allows you to track who accesses certain files, what they do with the files and when they do it.


Your system of choice should not render other programs in your office useless but instead should integrate smoothly with them. Look for one that integrates with different programs such as your existing customer relationship systems and email management.

Other functions you should consider include scanner compatibility and be capable of working with multiple brands. You should also consider the charges but never sacrifice quality at the altar of cheap document management systems.



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