Monday, 3 October 2016

The Perfect Gifts for Him and Her this Christmas- 2016

A couple lying under the Christmas Tree and some presents.Finding the perfect gift is an art, but it can be made so much easier when you give it a little thought first. Most people prefer something that they can see you put a bit of effort into, so half price chocolates from the nearest supermarket just won’t do.

Perfect Gifts That Don’t Cost the Earth

When it comes to gifts for him and her this Christmas there are lots of great choices. Good hampers are always greeted with delight. Choose specific types such as a cheese hamper or a wine lovers hamper, if you know in advance what their tastes are. For him, forget about ties and socks.

A gift such as a vintage poster for a gig by one of his favourite bands would go down a treat with a music lover. Although a day driving Formula 1 cars would be a perfect gift for the car enthusiast, experience days can be expensive.

A key ring with the fob from his favourite car costs a lot less, but still shows that you thought about what to choose. Small things can make a perfect gift too, a handmade fly for the fisherman or personalised tees for a golfer, perhaps.

The Perfect Gift for Her

Finding the ideal present for a woman is actually more difficult than buying for a man. Women know where things came from and how much they cost. It’s a great idea to make something if you’re talented. A perfectly wrapped box of homemade cookies is far better than a generic brand.

If she loves flowers, don’t just have a bunch delivered from the first online supplier you come to, choose a rose in her favourite colour, or with her name, that she can plant in the garden and enjoy forever. Or a print of a beautiful flower. Some photographers specialise in this type of work. Personalised gifts are good too. A poster featuring her name, or a silver box with her name engraved on it are both items which would appeal to all age groups.

Some gifts, like a beautifully bound first edition of a book, or a framed film poster can be the perfect gift for both of them. Whatever, you decide on, remember that the thought you put into it is far more important than the money that you spend.

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